Optical Window: List


We handle various types of optical windows.
Please contact us as we will process it to the required size according to your request.

Character Table

Tempax: Character Table
Note: All data shown here is actual data measured by Shibuya Optical. In case of using different measuring equipment, the data may change.

Square type

Price list

Dimensional Tolerance 50 mm: ±0.2 mm, 127 mm: ±0.5 mm
Model number Size Thickness Retail price
WT1-50S 50 x 50 mm 1.1 mm 4,000 yen
WT1-127S 127 x 127 mm 1.1 mm 8,000 yen
WT2-50S 50 x 50 mm 2.0 mm 4,000 yen
WT2-127S 127 x 127 mm 2.0 mm 8,000 yen
WT3-50S 50 x 50 mm 3.3 mm 4,500 yen
WT3-127S 127 x 127 mm 3.3 mm 9,000 yen
WT5-50S 50 x 50 mm 5.0 mm 5,000 yen
WT5-127S 127 x 127 mm 5.0 mm 10,000 yen
* The above price is standard for only 1 piece. In case of quantity order, a special discount rate is offered depends on your order quantity.

Special Coating Optical Window

Please contact with us for customized sizes.

Character Table

Special Coating Optical Window: Character Table

Price list

Model number Size Thickness Retail price
TF010 50 x 50 mm 2.0 mm 8,000 yen
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