Wavelength Plate

Quartz Wave Plate is available on custom order production. Please contact us first.

Phase Contrast Plate (Polymer Wave plate)

Structure: A double refractive polymer film is sandwiched and glued between two sheets of glass plate.
Type: True Zero Order.

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Phase Contrast Plate: Drawing
Phase Contrast Plate: Photo
Dimensional Tolerance: +0/-0.2 mm, Thickness (thickness tolerance): 2.0 T (±0.2 mm)
Model number Size Phase Contrast List price (excl. tax)
RE1/2-10C 10 mm λ/2 (±10 nm) 20,000 yen
RE1/4-10C 10 mm λ/4 (±10 nm) 20,000 yen
RE1/2-20C 20 mm λ/2 (±10 nm) 21,500 yen
RE1/4-20C 20 mm λ/4 (±10 nm) 21,500 yen
RE1/2-30C 30 mm λ/2 (±10 nm) 33,500 yen
RE1/4-30C 30 mm λ/4 (±10 nm) 33,500 yen
RE1/2-50C 50 mm λ/2 (±10 nm) 58,000 yen
RE1/4-50C 50 mm λ/4 (±10 nm) 58,000 yen
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