Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window

Window without thermal distortion. High precision measurement · For laser introduction.

Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window, Type TF

Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window is used for viewing and measuring the inside of vacuum chamber. It is indispensable for ultra high vacuum area, and made with special technique of using several kinds of crystal. The fused silica glass is pressed into the thin plate of elastic metal without thermal treatment. Co - developed with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI).

TF type: photo 01
TF type: photo 02

Window Materials

CaF2, MgF2, LiF, Ge, Si, KRS-5, BK7, Crystal Quartz, A12O3, Lead Glass, SiO2

Dimensions (Standard Type)

Cat. No. Flange Diameter Flange Thickness Window Aperture ≈ Length
TF34 34 10.0 12 3
TF70 70 12.7 33 4
TF70W 70 18.5 33 9
TF114 114 17.5 60 6
TF152 152 20.0 100 7
TF203 203 22.0 140 8
* Length may vary for various window materials.
* Specifications and equipment would be changed without any notice or obligation on the part of manufacturer.


Metal Sealed
from small size to super large size.
Thermal Strain Free
Since there is no thermal treatment during the assembly process, the window material itself is kept in thermal strain free condition so it is perfect and exactly suitable for high precise measuring from outside.
Breakage Prevention Mechanism
Window Material is elastic and durable against the cracks and leaks even the flange bolts are unbalanced tightened.
Structure of Resisting Pressure
Even the pressure of the inside of chamber is higher than that of outside of chamber (atmospheric side), window material will never yield cracks nor leak out.
Non-magnetic and Non-radiation metal
It can be used in high radiation condition and never affects magnetic field. (Standard Flange : SU304, Custom Made : SUS316 etc., avaiable)
Shock Proofl
XYZ direction > 30G/3000 cycle
Helium Leakage
< 1X10-10 Pam3/sec
Bake Temperature
< 200˚C Recommendable (max), depends on window sizes and materials.
Various coating is available,. Window is assembled without thermal treatment process after coated, so it can be kept in high precision condition.
Counter Flange
CF standard flange (other standards of flange are available)
Custom-made available
Super big caliber, for high inside pressure or outside pressure, high precision polished, convex or concave lens, special flange and etc,.
Inspection Certificate
Leak dose of Helium by the actual article at the room temperature. (Certificate is issued for each item.)
We have a fifty-year history of making ultra-high vacuum window and we are the only one in the world who may offer you the most suitable UHV window with high precision. Please contact with us first, we can meet any of your special requset.

Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window VX -with the largest diameter of the world

The only of the world, metal-sealed Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window VX with the largest diameter, is co-developed with Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI). Large diametral UHV window VX is the most suitable one especially for xenon lamp (172nm) which provides strong power and even luminance. As indispensable equipment for UV ozone cleaning and reforming of Si wafer, FPD and solar cell element, xenon lamp with VX window ensures you elevating of productivity, improvement of yield rate, and of course, much better quality.
Ultra High Vacuum Crystal Window VX -with the largest diameter of the world: Photo 02
The above is CF (both-edge type), any special customized specification is available.

Main Usages

Outstanding Characteristics

Effective diameter over ø440 mm (customized specification) [World's Largest]
Detachable window material, high cost-performance [World's Only]
If the window material is soiled by spatter, and it becomes obstructing your observation, you may detach the window material itself and polish it once again. So the window will be renewed. One polishing takes off about 0.2 mm in thickness. For example, if you order the window plus extra 5 mm in thickness, so you may have it polished and renewed for 25 times! VX assures you an unbelievable high cost performance!
Sealed Window Material Method [World's First]
Mechanical sealed window always retains enough elasticity so that it is hardly affected by the distortion of the flange. Therefore, the leaking, distortion or cracks are rarely happen or caused to the window.
Pressure Resisting Structure [World's First]
VX window are able enough to withstand the pressure from both sides.
Thermal Strain Free [World's First]
Since there is no thermal treatment during the assembly process, much more accurate transmission wave length may be easily obtained.
Little gas leaking [World's First]
Materials used for this window are only stainless steel (SUS) and aluminum (Al). Any high steam pressure metals that may contaminate the inside of the vacuum chamber such as zinc (Zn) or lead (Pb), are never used, nor any of organisms, such as resin and sealant etc are used.
Nonmagnetic and nonradioactive [World's First]
Ferromagnetic metals with strong radioactive, such as Kovar or Invar, are never used.
Baking is all right in spite of the window of large diameter [World's First]
VX window is capable of absorbing the thermal expansion difference between the window material and the flange, so despite the very large diameter, baking is possible. However, depends on the baking temperature, the equipment may be changed to water-cooling type.
Vacuum Range
Can be used within ultra high vacuum area like < 10-12 Torr. (Both sides of flange are all right)
Helium Leakage
< 0.1 x 10-10 Pam3/sec.
In case of that the surface-area of the woke is very wide like FPD (Flat Panel Display), if you fix the every lamp of each line interserted, and make the work moving parallel, so no matter how wide and large the work it is, even illuminating is possible.

Specification of VX (As reference)

Cat. No. VX305W VX406W VX506W VX606W
Effective Diameter ~170 mm ~220 mm ~340 mm ~440 mm
Window Material Suprasil-f310, 172 nm, Transmission ≈86 %
Window Thickness 7 mm 9 mm 13 mm 20 mm
Length ≈18.5 mm ≈19 mm ≈18.5 mm ≈20 mm
Water Cooling Jacket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Matching Wafer 6 inch 8 inch 12 inch 16 inch
Flange Size ø305 mm x 44 T ø406 mm x 47 T ø506 mm x 50 T ø606 mm x 60 T
* The above examples are only for your reference. Any customized specification is available. Please contact with us for details.
Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of us.
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