Privacy Protection Policy

"Shibuya" is thoroughly aware of that the proper management of personal information is very important. Accordingly, based on the Shibuya Privacy Protection Policy, personal information will be handled in the following manner.

  1. Personal Information Use
    Personal Information, such as customer's name, company name, postal code, address, telephone number and email address etc, acquired by "Shibuya" may be restrictively used in the following ways :
    • to provide products information, catalogues or services requested by the customer.
    • as a support to our marketing activities and services to our customer.
    • in case of necessary to get in contact with the customer.
  2. Acquisition of Personal Information
    "Shibuya" will acquire in a fair and lawful manner, only such personal information as is necessary, will ensure that the information is restrictedly used in the following ways :
    • When the customer needs and utilizes the service of "Shibuya".
    • When "Shibuya" needs and corresponds to contact with the customer.

The company will comply with privacy protection-related Japanese laws and regulations, and will review and improve the contents of this document to strive constantly towards better privacy protection.

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