Beam Splitter, Plate type (Half Mirror): List

Near IR range type

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Charator Table(Reference Data)

Note: All data shown here is actual data measured by Shibuya Optical. In case of using different measuring equipment or measuring the product, the data may change.

Incidence Angle: 45˚

Near IR range type: Incidence Angle:45˚

AR Reflectance

Near IR range type: AR Reflectance

Price List

Thickness: 1.0 mm
Model number Size List price (excl. tax)
H301 10 x 10 mm 4,000 yen
H302 30 x 30 mm 6,000 yen
H303 50 x 50 mm 10,000 yen
H305 127 x 127 mm 20,000 yen
H306 152.4 x 152.4 mm 30,000 yen
H307 15 x 21 mm 4,500 yen
H308 20 x 28 mm 5,500 yen
H309 25 x 35 mm 6,500 yen
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