Light Exclusion / Absorption Sheets: List

SNR series-for light exclusion, abosorption and anti-reflection

SNR series is a kind of film made of PET and very functionable for shut out/abosorbing the stray/reflecting light in any optical instruments. Since SNR is mixed with carbon balck, so it may easily keep punching quality and accuracy. Both sides are sand-matted, therefore its reflecting prevention effect is alsomot equal to flocked type.
★ Regarding changes in product liquid materials (PDF)

SNR-N50, Front sideSNR-N50, Front side
SNR-N50, Zoom upSNR-N50, Zoom up
SNR-N50, Back sideSNR-N50, Back side
SNR-T50, Front sideSNR-T50, Front side
SNR-T50, Zoom upSNR-T50, Zoom up
SNR-T50, Back sideSNR-T50, Back side

Price list

Sales are available in meter units starting from 1 meter.
We do not distribute free samples.

Model number Type Thickness (µm) Glossiness (60°) Size Retail price
SNR-N50 No adhesive on the back 85 0.2 W300 mm x Requested Length (m) 5,000 yen /m
SNR-T50 Adhesive on the back 100 0.4 W300 mm x Requested Length (m) 5,500 yen / m


*All the above is our test data just for your reference. Shibuya has no legal obligation to ensure the result/effect of using SNR.

SNR series-for light exclusion, abosorption and anti-reflection:Character:Reflectance in visible region SNR series-for light exclusion, abosorption and anti-reflection:Character:Infrared reflectivity
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