High resolution powered VGA-InGaAs NIR Camera

Equipped with an imaging module, manufactured combining photodiode arrays with high pixel separation technology (high resolution) and the integration of logarithmic readout and ultrafine gold bump, it is one of our most reliable near-infrared cameras.

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High resolution powered VGA-InGaAs NIR Camera:image1NVU3VD
High resolution powered VGA-InGaAs NIR Camera:image2NVU3VD+SWIR Lens
High resolution powered VGA-InGaAs NIR Camera:image3Infrared microscope system with InGaAs camera


Dynamic range
Having a logarithmic mode and linear mode, a dynamic range of 8 digits or more can be obtained. Hardly developing halations like the case in conventional charge amplifier type infrared cameras, it is also suited for infrared transmission images with greater contrasts.
Due to its original pixel isolation structure, it brings high resolution while maintaining excellent isolation between pixels. And by not having a groove separation structure but a planar element one, characteristic deterioration hardly occurs.
High speed
USB3.0 provides a 16 bit, 60 frames/second interface for speedy transfer of large amounts of pixel data.
Built-in Peltier cooling system
According to the newly developed Peltier built-in type package, when cooling chip efficiently with low power, it keeps the element at low temperature and maintains high sensitivity without being influenced by environmental temperature.
Image data accuracy
Thanks to the DC amplification method, absolute level image data can be obtained, instead of displaying only the contrast and AC coupled type suited for the human eye like the average camera.
Built-in image processing chip
It can acquire and correct data on a pixel-by-pixel basis in real time, and high-speed advanced data processing such as absolute sensitivity correction is possible as well.
Image data acquisition /
measurement software
We offer a Windows based viewer App.
Option: LabVIEW Application
In compliance with USB3 Vision, which is becoming the norm for industrial cameras, it is possible to mix multiple cameras including a visible camera in the same hub as well.



Smart features


Model number NVU3VD
Imaging device InGas Sensor
Package type Peltier built-in CLCC 52
Chip imaging size 9.6 x 7.7 mm
Pixel size 15 x 15 um
Number of pixels 640 x 512
Lens mount C mount (compatible lens 1/2 inch or more)
Camera casing dimensions, weight 49 W x 49 H x 95 L mm, 430 g (excluding the lens)
Spectral sensitivity Wavelength range 970 to 1650 nm
Quantum efficiency 90% @ 1300 nm, 84% @ 1500 nm
Pixel format 16 bit grayscale
Frame rate 10 ~ 60fps
Shutter system Rolling shutter
cooling method PID control Peltier built-in type
(Sensor temperature ~ 0 ˚C and room temperature 28 ˚C)
ADC 16 bit
Digital I / F USB 3.0 Vision
Digital I / F Send one frame worth of image with TTL trigger pulse
Power supply 6 to 24 V variable
(24 V 0.26 A, 12 V 0.51 A, 6 V 1A, at 0 ˚C setting)
Recommended environment OS windows 7 or later Intel Core i5 or equivalent or higher processor (Can also operate on USB 2)
The frame rate may be delayed by the PC.

Reference material

Cooling characteristics with built-in Peltier

Secure 20 fw / pixel (10 nW / cm 2) sensitivity at chip temperature 0 ˚C
Cooling characteristics with built-in Peltier

I / O characteristics

Secure 8-digit dynamic range by range change
I / O characteristics

Preset setting example

(1)Setting: Dark 250 ˚C soldering ironSetting: Dark 250 ˚C soldering iron
(2)Setting: Medium 250 ˚C soldering iron and posterSetting: Medium 250 ˚C soldering iron and poster
(3)Setting: Bright incandescent lamp filamentSetting: Bright incandescent lamp filament

Identification of water and oily components

Water absorption is emphasized around 1500 nm
Identification of water and oily components

Imaging example

(1) Inspection of defects and deterioration by infrared light emission pattern of solar cell
Visible ImageVisible Image
(2) Blood vessel image by infrared light transmission illumination (1050 nm)
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