Gemmological Instruments

The most of gem stone as the optical crystallization has each unique optical characters and it should be identified and qualified by the observation of such optical characters through the optical measuring instrument such as refractometer, spectroscope and etc.

Gemmological Refractometer

In the various observation method of gem stone, the measurement of refractive index is the most reliable one for the identification of gem stone. Designed in compact, provided of shield cover to make measurement part to dark room and measured with day light. this instrument identifies gems accurately with apeed and ease at everywhere. Also, accessaried with polarizing filter, birefringence dispersion of gems can be observed and measured. Provided with wide measuring range of refractive index from nD 1.30 to 1.81, the most of gem stone can be observed and measured.
Gemmological Refractometer: Photo
Cat. No. Type Price
No.160M Standard Type \ 65,000.-
No.160LED* With Build-in LED \ 72,000.-
* D-line LED (591 nm), with 3 pcs of button batteries (LR 44).

Gemmological Spectroscope

The observation of the spectrum character presented by the gem stone is also one of the reliable method to identify and qualify it as the international standard. As same as above gemological refractometer it can be used with speed and ease at anywhere.
Gemmological Spectroscope:Photo
Cat. No. Price
No.205 D-3 Model \ 28,000.-
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