Digital Polarimeter

This polarimeter is equipped a high intensity LED light source with a 590 nm interference filter so that it emitting a D-ray light for your observation.
Look into the eyepiece, to match the brightness of the penumbra circle left and right side by operating the switch, in this way, you may see the angle of rotation of a sample displayed digitally.
Recently, not only greatly developed fields such as medicine, cosmetics, food-related, but also polarizing film for LC, polarized sunglasses, 3D movie glasses…, all of them are commercialized by utilizing optical rotatory power as well as polarization power. This polarimeter is standardized device with a built-in polarizing plate, and is optimal equipment in teaching to understand wave motion of ray, optical rotation, polarization and birefringence, all of those are based on the principle of materials.
Digital Polarimeter
Measurement Rang of Rotation Angle [DGE] 180˚ ~ -179.95˚ (by switching to display)
International Sugar Scale [˚S] 130˚ ~ -130˚ (by switching to display)
Minimum Indication [DGE] 0.05˚, [˚S] 0.1˚
Measurement Accuracy [DGE] 0.1˚
Power Source AC 100 ~ 240 V
Size & Weight 550 (L) x 210 (H) x 290 (D), 11 kg
Price \ 400,000.-
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