Our plastic Micro-scale, made of polystyrene, is a new disposable type of Stage Micrometer which has the same accuracy as the glass stage micrometer, and also has even smoother grids than the glass ones. Compared with the glass ones, it is so inexpensive that you may even put your specimen directly on the micro-scale for observation. After using a few times, dirt or scratches on Micro-scale become conspicuous and impede your observation, you may change it to a new one without any hesitation. The times of locking the stage micrometer in your treasures drawer has been over. But in case of using Micro-scale as a standard gauge, or using it with the environment that temperature changes intensely, the glass stage micrometer is recommendable. Please refer to the following data of coefficient of linear expansion of polystyrene for details.

Micro-scale: 1
Micro-scale: 2
Micro-scale: 3
Model number product name Quantity Retail price (Box)
S177-401C Micro-Scale 10pcs/Box 5,200 yen
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